We at Heathen Women United, the founders and core administrators, declare in no uncertain terms that we condemn the detention of undocumented immigrants in government-run, for-profit camps.

We believe that these camps meet the dictionary definition of concentration camps. They are overcrowded, lack adequate facilities, and reports of physical and sexual abuse of detainees are rife. It is our sincere belief that these camps constitute a crime against humanity.

To that end, we the founders and core administrators of Heathen Women United, declare in no uncertain terms our condemnation of the United States government’s actions in detaining these people in concentration camps, and especially the practices of family separation and child detention. Regardless of the views one may hold on immigration law and asylum seekers, the treatment of these people, and especially the children, is unacceptable.

There is a sickness here that is clear to all who are not indoctrinated into the cult of hatred that has taken hold in our land. This dishonors our country and all those who have served it in the name of freedom. When many of our ancestors came to this land, they came seeking the same safety, freedom, and chance for prosperity as the people currently trapped in our concentration camps. No longer are we a country that says “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free”The lamp has gone out, and the golden door become a cage. Liberty turns her face away in shame.

Seventy-five years ago, some of our ancestors made their way through the death camps of Europe, liberating survivors of the Holocaust. Around the same time, other ancestors took part in the detainment of their fellow citizens because of their Japanese ethnicity.

Of which ancestors are we most proud today?

How do we wish to be remembered as ancestors?

As Heathens, we understand the weightiness of reputation, and especially for those who have fallen from this world. We would have our children remember us with pride and feast at our grave-sites out of gladness instead of misplaced duty.

With this statement, we at Heathen Women United condemn and speak out against the evil we see in our land. We also state unequivocally that we support the right of people to seek shelter and prosperity for their families as many of our ancestors once did. Finally, regardless of how their legal cases are decided, we affirm that undocumented persons have the right to be treated humanely and compassionately.


Heathen Women United Core Team