Tanya Lind is a lineage holder of an intergenerational line of Völva from Iceland. A fierce advocate for recognizing the prevailing practices of Seiðr in her community, which has survived as a unique tradition since the time of settlement. Her upbringing and training has allowed her to offer a personal, firsthand account of a living cultural practice. She has taught and partaken in community ritual internationally, and continues to serve her community in the capacity of a Hofgyðja (temple priestess) and Völva. She is also a renowned musician under the name Röskva, and has been hosting electronic ceremonies for over 20 years.

Her Bandcamp album can be found here.

Ütiseta in the Icelandic Tradition

The practice of útiseta has long been shrouded in mystery and speculation. Most of what is popularized in the West is based on appropriation from limited sources and is often incorrect or misleading. In Iceland this is still considered a very sacred and private practice, only initiated through guidance. Tanya hopes through her stories of personal experience and the insight gained through both her community work as a Völva and her own education in these traditions, more understanding of what útiseta entails, and who is called upon to do this work, will clear some misconceptions.

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