Natalia Lee is a Master’s student of Social Anthropology at the University of Kent, Canterbury, specializing in Humanitarian and Environmental Crises. Coming from an international background, Natalia is a passionate public anthropologist who embraces inclusive Heathenry in both her academic and personal life. In addition to her creative and academic writing, Natalia will be a presenter for the upcoming Mimir’s Head Heathen Podcast, as well as working with Dr. Mathias Nordvig and Daniel Farrand for the Nordic Mythology Podcast. She also maintains Tastes of Tamriel, a creative blog that combines public anthropology with fantasy and recipe writing. She is a proud polyglot, nerd, and a self-proclaimed walking disaster, who appreciates the world with curiosity and humor, and always through a decolonizing lens.

Heathens, Nature, and Neoliberalism in Contemporary Norway

This study focuses on how Norwegian Heathens develop a distinct identity based on religious and aesthetic principles, which shapes their overall worldview. This Heathen worldview demonstrates the overlapping values both shared and unlike those of their non-Heathen compatriots. Central to this thesis is demonstrating the Norwegian Heathen approach to having a close relationship with nature, and how this pertains to their views on Norway’s role in today’s climate of globalization, capitalism, and neoliberal hyper-consumption.

Of particular importance are questions of how and why Norwegian Heathens react emotionally against what they perceive as negative social practices, including consumerism and racism. I will discuss how the Heathen identity is built upon Marx’s notion of nature, in which the natural world is comprised of the organic and inorganic. Norwegian cultural interpretation of these concepts as such shape a uniquely local Heathen identity.

Please Note: The conference is free, but registration is required.