Nancy Marie Brown writes about Iceland and Vikings, science and sagas. Her books combine extremes: medieval literature and modern archaeology, myths and facts. They ask, “What have we overlooked? What have we forgotten? Whose history must not be lost?”

For 20 years, Nancy worked as a science writer and editor for a magazine published by Penn State University. She holds a B.A. in English (from the Writing Option) and an M.A. in Comparative Literature (with emphases in Arthurian Romance and Icelandic Saga), both from Penn State. She turned to writing books full-time in 2003, when she moved to a farm in northern Vermont where she and her husband, author Charles Fergus, keep four Icelandic horses and an Icelandic sheepdog. She spends part of each summer in Iceland, offering history and horseback tours.

“The Real Valkyrie: A Warrior Woman in the Viking Age”

In 2017, DNA tests revealed – to the shock of many scholars – that a Viking warrior in a high-status grave in Birka, Sweden was actually a woman. What does the Viking world look like if we abandon our gender stereotypes? “The Real Valkyrie” weaves together archaeology, history, and literature to imagine the life and times of this one warrior woman in the Viking Age – and through her to show that Viking women had more power and agency than historians have imagined.

Nancy’s books can be found here.

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