Andrea Hejlskov is an author and speaker. She is a professional “gydje” (priestess) in Asatro, as well as an inaugurated “Vølve”. Her writing focuses on magical thinking and practice as it has unfolded in these landscapes for thousands of years. Andrea’s newest book, “Vølve”, will be released on June 25. It can be pre-ordered here.

In addition, Andrea is a permanent panelist on “The Good Advice” with Paula Larrain on DR2. She has spoken about Asatro in both “Talk About It” with Iben Zeuthen, Spirit of Time in P1, as well as in Deadline. She is an experienced speaker, not least because she went on several lectures in connection with her previous book, “And the Great Escape”, which was about how and why she and her family went into the Swedish wilderness where they settled as settlers and built their own beam cabin.

Andrea will take from her newest book (Vølve), and talk about what she has experienced in faith, what is taken on a journey, and where she highlights the deeper moral and ethical assumptions in Asatro. She will explain important concepts such as fate, honor, and struggle and she will unfold the universe of myths in a way so you can see the underlying meaning in them.

Please Note: The conference is free, but registration is required.