Welcome to the Library!

It might not look like we have a whole lot here, but we’re currently working on adding all kinds of goodies. From articles and papers, to workshops and presentations, this is where we are hoping to showcase our members. So please check back often, and see what we have for you!

Articles and Papers Written by Members

Catherine Heath – Out of the Waters beneath the Tree: One Potential Origin of the Seiðrworker
Catherine Heath – From Fairytale To Goddess: Frau Holle And The Scholars That Try To Reveal Her Origins

Conference Papers

Every year, we hold a HWU conference. Within these conferences, we try to blend the experiential with the scholarly, and showcase the talent of Heathen women. Conferences alternate between the U.S and the U.K. Here are some of the papers presented.

2nd Annual Conference of Heathen Women (Preston, U.K, July 2018)

Lorna Smithers – Belisama and her Daughters
Solveig Wang – Women as Instigators of Ritual in Old Norse Society

3rd Annual Conference of Heathen Women (online, July 2019)

Cat Heath – Waking the Dead: A Comparative Examination of Ancient Ritual Technologies for Modern Rites
Morgan Daimler – Álfar, Aelfe, and Elben: Elves in an historic and modern Heathen context