• When: July 6th- 8th, 2018
  • Where: University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK
  • Other information TBA

The 2nd Annual Conference of Heathen Women welcomes all women to learn and share their knowledge and understanding of Heathenry and its meaning in their lives. Our focus is on the traditions of old Europe, specifically relating to the Vanir and Aesir. The conference will be hosting a variety of speakers, academic researchers, and published authors. We welcome you to submit your proposal to present your paper at the conference. We will be having workshops by craftswomen and artists, reflecting the rich artistic and homestead traditions of Scandinavia and Europe. Table area is available for artists to sell their wares, and authors to set up sales. There is much more happening at the conference, please join us!

Please Note: We are planning on a couple of day trip Sacred Site tours on the Wednesday and Thursday before the Conference begins. There is also a plan in the works for a field trip to the Viking Museum in York. These are separate, limited space excursions that will have their own costs and tickets.