Wait a minute! A Conference of Heathen Women?

Absolutely! And why not? We hold a Conference of Heathen Women every year, in fact! We even alternate them between the U.S and the U.K. Because accessibility is important to us, and we want as many of you as possible to be able to go.

Our conferences are all about showcasing Heathen women and all of our talents. We’re the Havamal witches, the homemakers, the scholars, the fighters, and a million other things in between. And our conferences are designed with all of that in mind. We aim for a mixture of scholarship, experiential practices, and community building at all of our conferences. So there’s sure to be something for everyone. Why not come and see for yourself some time?

For the 2019 Academic Conference of Heathen Women, we wanted there to be greater accessibility for members of every region and have decided to host it online!

More details will be forthcoming soon – please check back for updates!

If you’re interested in presenting, we’ve put out a Call for Papers.

  • When: July 13th-14th, 2019
  • Where: Online! Site Info to be Announced Soon!